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Are you tired of seeing your valuable copyrighted material appear on forums, blogs and other websites without any compensation? Let the team at Copyright Crackdown help you take back control of your intellectual property. We actively monitor, track and agressively pursue removal to protect your copyright.

In today's media landscape, ignorance to this epidemic is no longer a viable option. Not only does unauthorized posting, sharing and download of your copyrighted material adversely affect revenue, it decreases the value of your investments and exponentially erodes the value of your property with legitimate paying customers.

Whether it be photos, video, text or software, we guarantee results. In fact, we're so confident we will protect your copyrighted property that you don't pay unless your content is removed.

Our business is to protect YOUR valuable copyrighted property by cracking down on illegitimate use.


Per-Removal or Fixed Price monthly plans


Protection for your entire copyrighted catalog


Your content disappears and we send you monthly progress reports. No hand-holding required.

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